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Further in this document: Website means the website with all its elements and subpages available at (or any other URL that may replace it in the future).

Users means visitors of the Website

1. User who does not accept all of the following conditions, should leave the Website immediately.

2. The Terms And Conditions of the Website may change at any time, User is required to read its content every time the Website is visited.

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4. Website owner does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage that are the result of the use of the Website or inaccuracies or any incorrect information contained in the content of the Website.

5. User is not entitled to any compensation for the inability to use any part of the Website due to failure, suspension, shutdown of the entire Website or its parts.

6. User takes full responsibility for all claims, pecuniary obligations, statutory fees and any other monetary obligations borne by the Website owner in the event of non-compliance of the Terms And Condition of the Website, by the User or any other person that had access to the Website from a User's computer or internet access account.

7. In the case of claims, requests or other actions against other users resulting from the use of Websites, they will be conducted independently and without involvement of Website owner.

8. All materials and graphic elements of the Website, trademarks and brands are protected by Intellectual property and Intellectual rights law and may not be copied or used without the written permission of their owners. User is not entitled to: reproduction, transmission, publication, display, distribution, use for commercial purposes, creation of derivative works based on these materials and elements.

9. Website owner does not take any responsibility for the content of external websites from which User can access the Website or to which User can access the Website through hyperlinks. Additionally, Website owner does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the use of such external websites.

10. Website cannot be used for illegal purposes, and its use must be in accordance with the laws.

11. These terms of use of the Website are the subject to the laws of Poland and the User recognizes the exclusive jurisdiction of Polish courts in the event of any disputes.

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