1. What operating systems is Fast Dust currently available for?

At the moment the game is available on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. In the near future, there will be version for Linux and Mac. We are also planning a version for the PS4 and XBox.

2. Can I buy a box version of Fast Dust?

No. Currently the game is available only on STEAM store.

3. What to do when the FPS drops and game starts to choke?

There are several solutions:
A) In the OPTIONS -> GRAPHIC section, turn off the REALTIME REFLECTION, if enabled (it's disabled by default), it's very expensive in terms of computing power. By disabling CG won't degrade too much but you'll get lot more FPS.

B) You can also lower the QUALITY LEVEL this will increase FPS significant.

C) You can also set a different value of FRAME RATE, but we do not recommend using more than 50 FPS, it's pointless, however the decision is yours.

4. I use the steering wheel controller, how to increase the steering sensitivity?

In the OPTIONS-> CONTROL section, move the STEERING SENSITIVITY slider to the right.

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